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October 15, 2015


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Mensud fought in the Bosnian war, defending his hometown Mostar and the

Old Bridge. Now that peace has returned and the Old Bridge has been

rebuilt, Mensud is fighting once again, this time against the new

nationalist mentality.

Torn apart and enraged by ethnical conflict, Mostar is more like two

“ghettos” divided by a big boulevard, than the joyful Montmartre of the

Balkans that it  was before the war. From the pitch of the Velez

football school, the legendary team of Mostar, Mensud teaches an army

of kids the value of friendship and unity. His son, Dzenan,

one of his players, cannot stand this struggle any longer.

He dreams of playing for a major European team

and living in a safe environment.

mensud e adnan


Director: Claudia Tosi

Executive producer: Elena Filippini, Stefano Tealdi

Producer: Edoardo Fracchia

Co-producer: Petra Seliskar

Photography: Brand Ferro

Editing: Rasmus Høgdall Mølgaard

Assistant director: Nenad Orucevic

Sound design: Vladimir Rakic

Music composer: Daniele Rossi

Music performed by Like a shadow

A Stefilm production

In co-production with Petra Pan Film Production and Multicanal Iberia s.l.u

In association with

Lichtpunt, YLE FST, NRK, RTV BiH Bosnia-Erzegovina, RTV Slovenija, TSI

With the support of Slovenian Film Fund, Piemonte Doc Film Fund

Fondo Regionale per il Documentario  , Regione piemonteregione piemonte mole

Provincia di Modena, Assemblea Legislativa Regione Emilia-Romagna  logo assemblea legislativa s

regione emilia , UISP-Peacegames per Adottalapace, Movimenta  logo_movimenta

Developed and distributed with the support of MEDIA Programme (UE)


a blog by Claudia Tosi

September 1, 2012



Claudia Tosi CV

October 15, 2015

Claudia Tosi was born in July 18, 1970, in berlinale_CLAUDIA_TOSI2872_lightModena, Italy.

She has studied at the University of Bologna, as a Philosophy major.

She has started working as director in 1998, realizing TV programs and commercials. She has worked as a creative documentary

filmmaker and producer since 2003 and established Movimenta in 2004. Claudia has attended EAVE in 2011 (with the project “The perfect circle”), EURODOC in 2012 (with the project “A Country for women”), IDFA summer Lab in 2014 and Berlinale Talents (Doc Station) in 2015.


2015- The perfect circle, 55’ and 75’, Italy-Slo-NL-UK, produced by Movimenta in co-prod with Miafilm, Cobos Films and Petra Pan Film Production.

2009 – Mostar United, 55’ and 75’, Italy-Slovenjia, produced by Stefilm; co-produced by Petra Pan Film Production; co-produced by CHELLO MULTICANAL; YLE, LICHTPUNT, NRK, TSI, TV BOSNIA, RTV SLOVENJA; Best documentary at DOKMA-Slovenjia 2009; 2nd Prize of the Audience at Trieste film Festival 2009; nominee for PRIX EUROPA 2009; in competition at IDFA; selected for Sarajevo Film Festival 2009;

2007 – Building the Winter Games, 3×46’ Stefilm International for Discovery Channel Europe

2004 – Private fragments of Bosnia, 52’, Italy, produced by Movimenta,

Best Documentary at Genova film Festival 2004, Best Documentary at Mediterraneo Video Festival 2005, Selected for IDFA 2004, Selected for “Festival dei Popoli”, Firenze 2004, selected for One world – Human rights festival, Prague and broadcasted by TSI

(Switzerland) and YLE (Finland).